Sketchtravel, last (big) steps!

The final Art auction is coming on October 17th in Brussels and you can find all the details about it on the brand new SketchTravel website.
Sylvain, I and lot of great artists will be in Brussels to sign the printed versions of the Sketchtravel to the Cook and Book bookshop.

One of the important things SketchTravel has done, thank to Gérald and Dice, was to create a diverse and amazing community of artists from around the world, but even more importantly the project’s goal is to build one library ($20k) and sponsor one local children’s book publishing ($15k) in developing countries.
Indeed, all the benefits will go to Room to Read, an international non-profit dedicated to increase child literacy in such parts of the world.
It would be great if you could support in anyway you can this wonderful project. There are different ways to give a hand:
1) Donate to Room to Read.
2) Visit and “like” SketchTravel’s Facebook page.
3) Re-share this information to spread the word.

Thank you for your support everyone!


Des histoires venues d'ailleurs...

C'est sur le petit bureau d'une ferme cantalienne que j'ai fini la dernière image de mon prochain livre "Machin, Truc, Chouette". Cette très belle histoire écrite par Hubert Ben Kemoun paraîtra le mois prochain, aux éditions Rue du Monde!
I've just finished the last picture of my next book, on a small desk in a farm in a middle of Auvergne! "Machin, Truc, Chouette" is a really beautiful and strong story, written by Hubert Ben Kemoun, it will be published next month by Rue du Monde publishers.