Mr Jack tribute!

Le 22 février prochain, la galerie Arludik de Paris inaugurera une exposition collective en hommage au film L'étrange Noël de Mr Jack. J'ai eu le grand plaisir d'être invitée à y participer, et voici le triptyque que ce chef d’œuvre de l'animation m'a inspiré, j'espère que ça vous plaira!
Here is a triptych I did for the upcoming collective hommage show "The Nightmare before Christmas " at Arludik gallery in Paris, that will start from February the 22nd. I hope you'll enjoy it!

(first version, uncut and unstuck)


***Happy 2012***

I wish you all a wonderful new year, full of happiness, exciting projects and new discoveries!!!
Many thanks to my friend Chris who made me discover the Gocco Print, a magic machine for home-made prints!
They're not perfect yet, but I'll improve the next ones!